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Mercedes Benz Transmission Repair Service In Wichita

At Luxury Import Specialists we repair and replace transmissions in Mercedes Benz vehicles in the Wichita, KS area. We’ve been doing honest transmission repair for Benz vehicles for over 30+ years.

Most of the Mercedes-Benz cars and SUV’s that need transmission repair these days have the 722.6 model automatic transmission. The earlier transmissions were susceptible to major gear train failure which causes loss of movement backwards or forwards and may be accompanied by grinding or whining noises. Another fault can cause the vehicle to get stuck in a particular gear. When gear train failure occurs it can cause considerable damage to the internal components. However, gear train failure in later Mercedes-Benz models has been reduced by a change in design.

Benz Transmission – Complicated Switch

The gear shift lever in a Mercedes has a very complicated switch that sends electrical signals to the computer which controls the transmission. If liquid is accidentally spilled on to the gear shift selector – perhaps a drink or a sudden unexpected storm when you have left the sunroof open – it will most likely ruin the switch which in turn will cause transmission problems since the switch will either not send any signal to the computer or it will send faulty signals. The switch itself cannot be repaired so the only answer is to replace it.

There is any number of problems that can occur with the electronics of the 722.6 Mercedes-Benz transmissions, although there are major differences between the earlier and later model transmissions because of the design changes that have been made. Even in the very latest units problems with the electronics regularly occur but are fortunately normally not too expensive to repair or replace since most of them can be corrected without completely removing and dismantling the transmissions.

Faulty Transmission Conductor Plate

One of the most common problems is a faulty transmission conductor plate. It is mounted on the transmission valve body which is easily accessed from underneath the vehicle. The transmission conductor plate cannot be repaired so it must be replaced with a new one. This means that the transmission valve body must be removed which also requires removal of the conductor plug. The conductor plug should always be replaced with a new one at the same time.

Leaking Conductor Plug

Another very common problem occurs when the conductor plug leaks fluid to the wiring harness which is attached to it. If this should happen, the fluid can get drawn up into the transmission control module, rather like oil getting drawn up a wick in an oil lamp.  This can cause all sorts of problems with the electronics.  The answer is to fit a new conductor plug. The wiring harness has to be cleaned and the transmission control module must be dismantled and sprayed clean with a specific cleaner.  This will usually solve the problem, but if it does not the transmission control module will have to be replaced.

Our Wichita Mercedes Transmission Repair Specialist

Tom Sincissen is the Mercedes expert. He has 35 years of auto service experience, 14 years at the local Mercedes-Benz dealer.

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